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Shotmiser Golf GPS Rangefinder is a UK Company Shotmiser the Award Winning Golf GPS Rangefinder, voted 'Best in Test' and now 'Best Value GPS Rangefinders' by Today's Golfer, come in three different models. No matter which Shotmiser golf gps system you choose, you know you've made an excellent choice.

Mark chose the G500: "I just thought I'd let others know that it's more than just a yardage device, it allows you to teach yourself to be a better or should I say smarter golfer. And that leads to more enjoyable golf. Keep up the good work Shotmiser."

'All in all the best buy for any golfer in the market, 10 out of 10.'

Read Marks full story on our forum of how a Shotmiser Golf GPS has helped him shoot his personal best and lower his handicap from 11 to 4.9.

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Read this and more Shotmiser golf GPS reviews here.

Tour Professionals often attribute their success on the reliable course information they get from their golf caddy.

It is not just a question of 'How far is it to reach the green or clear a hazard?' but also 'where should I aim to hit the ball?'

Most golfers do not enjoy the privilege of a golf caddy. Shotmiser Golf GPS Rangefinders, with their clear uncompromising graphics generated by a mixture of walking the course using survey grade equipment and high resolution flown imagery, provides a true feel for the course as well as accurate distance information to any critical hazards, layups and green targets, utilising point to point technology.

Additionally you can enhance your Shotmiser Golf GPS Rangefinder by purchasing UK + European or USA SatNav giving you detailed on-screen maps.
A great addition for those golfing breaks at home or abroad - Available on G500Lite | G500 | G700 Models.

Why Shotmiser is the best golf GPS Range Finder

We put Shotmiser up against competitor products to compare golf gps rangefinders, golf gps watches and the main features, view a simple golfgps comparison table here.

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A Golf GPS is fast becoming a must-have tool for every golfer. Shotmiser is one of the finest on the market, packed with features, giving you every help you need to stop errors of judgement and become a better, smarter golfer.
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