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Shotmiser G300 Golf GPS Rangefinder Software Download

The current version of MyShotmiser is

If you have been directed to this page when launching MyShotmiser then your current installed version of MyShotmiser is out of date. We recommend that you download the latest software to benefit from the most up-to-date Shotmiser features.

What's New in Shotmiser 3.6.4
In this minor update release of Shotmiser 3.6 we have included Auto Advance on the G300 - Shotmiser advances automatically to the next hole when you stand on or are near the next Tee. This feature is set to ON by default. To turn this feature off, tap the screen at the bottom and select the Tools menu then Options. un-tick Auto Advance. We've also addressed several minor bug fixes.

To download the latest version of MyShotmiser for the G300, click on the link below and save the MyShotmiser set up file to your PC desktop or downloads folder.


Download G300 Shotmiser Software

Once the download is complete, run the installer to update the current version of MyShotmiser on the PC.

Once installed, plug in and Synchronise the G300 using Windows Active Sync (XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Windows Vista / 7) and launch MyShotmiser. 'Please wait Synchrosing' Message appears in MyShotmiser. Once completed the latest version of Shotmiser is installed on the G300.

My Shotmiser Help Files


Below can be found the latest up-to-date Shotmiser User Guide on how to install MyShotmiser and Shotmiser on to the PC.

The Shotmiser User Guide gives a very detailed approach on installing MyShotmiser and how to use Shotmiser.

It should be read by all Shotmiser users before contacting technical support. The FAQ's section of this website may also be useful when trouble shooting.

Download Shotmiser User Guide
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